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I'm Kalin and I haven't had a day job for a day of my life.

From professional chess to freelancing to co-founding a profitable startup, I had the chance to dive deep into psychology, economics, marketing and web technologies.

After identifying the golden opportunities of SEO  (in 2008) and domain name investing (in 2012) I still managed to make my fair share of bad choices and fail countless side projects. This was all valuable experience.

I finally managed to fully focus onto domain investing in 2018 and this brought stable growth to my startup Edoms (and its popular brand Seo.Domains), which now employs ~120 people, has $6 million yearly revenue and owns 200,000+ domains.

In 2021 I felt if was time to give back and started several non-profit initiatives.

These were not chosen randomly. Just like in my entrepreneurial journey I wanted to achieve out of this world efficiency. With a 7-figure budget (hopefully to grow) I wanted to somehow touch and meaningfully improve the lives of every human being on the planet.

This called for a unique strategy based on...

....my main observations about the world:

  • Most humans are very kind and generous when not feeling threatened.
  • The world would have enough resources for all of us if the greed of a small but powerful group didn't totally screw up the distribution.
  • People with power and resources don't have enough empathy and kindness.
  • People with empathy and kindness don't have enough resources and power to make change happen.

Currently the non-profits + random decent people do more or less the following:

  1. They pressure people with power and resources (and the companies and governments they run) to follow rules and ethical principles. This is a much needed fight but it's like spitting into the wind, since people with power and resources will always do whatever the fuck they want. They write and enforce the rules. Just look at the politics of the  world's largest economy - mostly just an extension of the worst side of capitalism. Huge efforts are needed for marginal success and if the pressure is not maintained, results are quickly lost.
  2. Individual people are being helped a lot, especially marginalized groups. This is precious work but is not fundamentally targeted at global change since the people helped have a lot of personal challenges to solve first. The focus is on personal happiness and social fairness and not much resources are left for changing the big picture.
  3. Random nice stuff like art. When something is fun or beautiful, it has a value of its own and should happen. However, from our perspective, art is only changing the world if people see it. So we're back to the scaling challenge. Paradoxically, untargeted efforts like art need even more promotion and efficient scaling.
  4. Saving the environment and biodiversity. Non-negotiable. We should also stop destroying it, which will make future saving efforts easier.

What is left out?

Some people.

While clearly we are starting to take care of humanity's weak (not nearly enough), no one has much resources left to empower our strong. They don't need it. But they can change the world so actually everyone who wants a better world needs it.

We do little to engage and empower the hundreds of millions of people in this world who live a normal, healthy life. Each of them can turn out to be our world-changing superhero if we give them some support to scale.

Some global systems.

It looks like the world is too big and no one really makes any attempts at global change. Everyone from Bill Gates to your local AA group just focuses on specific or local problems (totally worth the effort!). People with power and resources don't really fight for major status-quo changes. Makes sense.

Our only truly global and truly big effort of tackling climate change has so far been a spectacular fuck-up (fossil fuel companies received $500,000,000,000+ of government subsidies in 2021).

But should we automatically dismiss all global problems due to sheer scale? Are there global and solvable problems?

Plenty of them it turns out. We can divide them in 3 major categories:

Category 1: Personal level

Personal happiness, mental health, self-improvement,  critical thinking, rational behavior with regard to education, jobs and finance.

This is not an easy path but the actions everyone can take on it are very simple. And similar. Humans share at least 99,5% of their genes with one another. And we live in the same free market economy.

Psychology is complicated but its foundations are understandable to anyone. The same can be said about the economy from a personal perspective.

My effort to address the personal level stuff is

I Grow Younger (https://i.gy).

Do you remember those phrases, sentences and paragraphs you randomly read/hear and they hit home so hard that you saw clearly through the fog and changed your ways forever? This is what we want to deliver here.

I Grow Younger is forged out of life-changing material.

Every article is a 5-figure investment of writing, editing, fact-checking and illustrating.

Every sentence is crafted to simultaneously fully reflect the truth and trigger the positive emotion needed to shatter the internal barriers standing between you and success/happiness. The barriers we all share.

Give it a try!

Category 2: Social and economic systems

If you think all the win-win solutions that can improve society in a way no one would say no to, have been implemented, you are underestimating the complexity of the systems we have built and the insane amount of yet untested possible solutions.

The economy has millions of potential improvements that can change a zero-sum microsystem into one that creates value for everyone. Or prevent value from being destructed. We just need to find them.

My effort to address the systems level stuff is

Spectern.com (yet unlaunched)

Category 3: Data, Digitalization and The Internet

The Web has been around for more than a generation and we still cannot still fully grasp the potential of that instant connectivity (for both good and evil). We don't feel the potential and we don't use the potential.

My effort to address the Digital stuff will be at

Spamson.com (yet unlaunched)

But a side project about the specific problem of harmful online advertising is already live at

No Cheap Traffic (https://nocheaptraffic.com) and you should definitely check it out.

If you have ideas regarding any of this, contact me.

What I Do

For profit

Founder at Edoms

Edoms is a domain startup which operates a portfolio of 200,000 domains and employs 120 people. The company adds about $10 million of value to the portfolio yearly.

Founder at Seo.Domains

One of the largest providers of SEO resources in the world, Seo.Domains is a leading brand for aged domains and links.


Founder at No Cheap Traffic

A bold idea that can rid of us most malicious online advertisement with a minimum effort. Join the movement!

Founder at I Grow Younger

A whole concept about human life - philosophy, psychology and how to turn our interactions with the world into a happy and meaningful experience based on a quest for truth and freedom.



Not worked a day job, ever


1992 - 2008

School and University (before I dropped out)


Futile attempts of learning 

14 years of mostly useless interaction with the educational system. The social environment was decent though otherwise I would have become a nerd for the ages - had all the brains and missing social skills for it. 

2008 - now



Becoming an expert in multiple fields

It turns our everything is interesting when it's not forced on you. When they earn you money even domain names become interesting, who knew.

Trial and error

2001 - 2010



Pro chess player

I tried really hard to excel at chess and in many ways overcame my fears and character flaws while playing. But it's an extremely competitive field and I peaked at #822 in the world. Quitting was a great decision even though I was well paid for a 20-year old. After all it's just a game with wooden pieces on a wooden board. No matter its depth, chess was limiting my curiosity for the real world.

2008 - 2014



Web design, SEO, leader or a freelance team

Starting from scratch as a web entrepreneur, I had two content projects that reached 15,000 unique visits a day and many SEO success stories for clients. This was unscalable though, especially since in 2013-2014 Google targeted me personally for my success, banning every website they would find I owned, regardless of what it was about and whether it breached any guidelines.

However my 2014 open letter making the penalty cases public went locally viral and led to a significant number of people to install an ad-blocker, leading to losses in the millions for Google. They immediately stopped all the personal bullying. But it was too late since I had already shifted to an even better industry - domain names.

More success than failure

2014 - 2024

Domain names


Startup founder

In 2014 I co-founded the Edoms startup, most famous for its Seo.Domains brand. When we sold expired domains for half a million USD before creating a website (by just sharing an Excel sheet around), we figured out this is a business to double down on. The total revenue of the company since its launch is 17 million USD and growing fast and it has sold 35,000+ domain names. We are currently looking for an investor to scale up growth.

2022 - now




I decided that in these dynamic times the world needs my help before I grow the startup to an exit so I assembled a non-profit team in parallel - ImpactMindset. Our most important projects are the self-improvement system I Grow Younger and the vital economic hack that can improve the web experience of billions NoCheapTraffic.


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