The start of my English blog

I haven’t really blogged for 10 years and everyone is saying blogging is long dead with other formats like video now ruling the attention game.

But I developed as an entrepreneur in the early 2010s attracted by the magic of SEO, when social media platforms were small rising stars in an Internet dominated by forums and blogs.

And while good Facebook groups replaced the forums of old and I’ve found my communities there and even founded my own, blogs didn’t really get a decent replacement. As a result the web lost a lot of it’s depth. You cannot really achieve the same on Facebook, Twitter or any other place as their algorithms don’t promote long content. LinkedIn, Medium and Quora are being overused by marketers and only Reddit is well protected from spam content.

But whatever the platform, I prefer to own it, rather than the platform owning me. So I’ll write here as a tribute to the good old times when we really cared about being on our own territory.

Meanwhile you can also check my largest project I Grow Younger which while technically not a blog has the best articles I’ve ever written.

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